Satay Bar Brixton
Brixton meets
Bali & beyond!

help us to keep you safe

We still want to ensure your time with us is safe and enjoyable. Therefore, there are a few things we are keeping in place that you may want to be aware of before booking.

  • We accept bookings only. There may be some walk-in availability during the week subject to availability. The best thing to do is make a reservation with us.
  • If you wish to enjoy drinks with us, you can also make a reservation. Choose the option in the booking widget. Seating will be outside on our terrace area.
  • You can order via our app from your table. Best to make sure one of you has a smartphone to do this.
  • Our restaurant is open but you will only be able to order from your table.
  • We accept bookings for up to 8 guests subject to availability and at the discretion of the Satay Bar Manager.